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ESTechnical Reflow Oven 220V

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Key Features

The ESTechnical Upgraded version of the T962A reflow oven comes fitted with the ESTechnical Controller providing better value for your money.

The Upgraded version now makes it ideal for small scale business requiring a bench-top reflow oven for lead free and lead based reflow soldering of printed circuit boards.

Key Benefits of the ESTechnical version:

  • PID temperature control;
  • Even heating of PCBs;
  • Adjustable fan speed during reflow;
  • Save up to 30 easily adjustable reflow profiles;
  • reflowViewer PC application for realtime viewing and data logging.

Added Features of the ESTechnical version:

  • A better heater solid state relay (SSR);
  • An additional SSR for fan control;
  • Kapton tape to replace masking tape;
  • A fitted USB connector;
  • A fitted thermocouple connector for data logging;
  • Improved earthing;
  • English menu.

Also comes with the original T962A features:

  • Quartz infrared heaters;
  • 1500W heater power;
  • 300x300mm drawer area;
  • 250x250mm maxiumum soldering area.

At ESTechnical our customers are very important to us which is why we always endeavour to provide first-rate customer service, please do contact us if you have queries. 

The ESTechnical T962A Reflow Oven is covered by a 6 month Warranty. 

The 220V model is for use in the UK, Europe and Australia; a 110V model for USA and Japan is also available, please contact us for more information.

Please note, we only stock a limited number of preinstalled ovens. If we are out of stock there may be a lead time of 3 weeks upon receipt of payment. Please email if you wish confirmation of delivery times.


A small versatile reflow oven sourced from China, fitted with the ESTechnical Controller.

As a small manufacturing company we were interested in purchasing a reflow oven to suit our needs and resources. We discovered that most were either out of our price range or produced disappointing results.

For instance, the issues we had with the standard T962A reflow oven were uneven temperature, burnt boards, incomplete reflow joints despite high temperature, and high re-work rate of our boards - we wanted something more reliable. This motivated us to develop an effective controller.

With the ESTechnical Controller you have precise control and adjustable forced air movement enabling the oven to achieve even heating of the PCB(s).

Board Temperature

The ESTechnical reflow oven regulates the temperature of the board ensuring it stays within tightly controlled tolerance throughout the reflow cycle. We reposition the themocouple and use advanced PID control of the temperature of the air inside the oven, this provides greater control of the reflow soldering process. High quality results are now possible when compared to the original reflow ovens.

Reflow Cycle

Based on research of ideal reflow profile control, the ESTechnical reflow ovens use a variety of advanced control methods to achieve consistent results with varying board weights and population densities. Reflow profiles are defined using a few simple parameters, using these settings it is simple to adjust the profile to suit the boards to be soldered.


We have improved the interface of the reflow ovens to include the following features:

  • 20 character four line display with backlight - replaces the previous screen;
  • Intuitive menu;
  • Simple parametric setup - no need to 'teach' a profile;
  • Edit the temperature set points and dwell times;
  • Easy to edit and save reflow profiles;
  • Save up to 30 different reflow profiles;
  • Pre-programmed with a profile ideal for lead-free soldering.

Data Logging

The ESTechnical reflow oven is fitted with a USB connector to enable realtime data logging. Using the PC application reflowViewer it is easy to adjust profile settings to suit your boards. An external thermocouple input socket is provided to allow placing a thermocouple on the PCB, the temperature measured by this thermocouple is displayed on the LCD screen and sent to the reflowViewer application for viewing. The reflowViewer application displays the profile settings in use and graphs the temperature and PID values in realtime.

Other Improvements

The original manufacturer fits the earth connection to a painted panel resulting in no electrical earthing, we refit the earth connection to make it safe. They used masking tape to secure the insulation, which we consider a fire hazard. We replace the masking tape with kapton tape.

We replace the heater SSR as the original is too slow to switch off. The new SSR switches faster allowing for better temperature control.


ESTechnical source and upgrade the T962 and T962A models - the ESTechnical Controller is also available as a standalone product.


  • Well built steel cased reflow oven
  • 1500W total Quartz IR heaters
  • 220-240v operation
  • PID Controlled heater and fan power
  • USB connector
  • Thermocouple input
  • Easy to use menu for the adjustment of the reflow profile
  • Save and recall up to 30 different reflow profile settings using built in EEPROM memory
  • Forced air cooling to speed cool down time