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T962 Reflow Oven Controller Upgrade

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Key Features

ESTechnical T962 Reflow Oven Controller Upgrade

Key Features

  • Accurate temperature control;
  • Even heating of PCBs;
  • Prevents wastage through damaged or destroyed boards and components;
  • Prevents the need to rework incomplete reflow soldering;
  • 30 easily adjustable reflow profiles;
  • Pre-programmed with a profile ideal for lead-free soldering.

This Upgrade option includes the ESTechnical Controller.

If you require the parts for installing the ESTechnical Controller into the T962 oven these are included in the ESTechnical T962 Complete Upgrade Package.


About the ESTechnical Reflow Controller

The ESTechnical T962 Reflow Oven Controller Upgrade has been specifically designed to improve the T962 reflow oven.

The hot spots in the original T962 ovens are caused by there being no air flow inside the oven during the heating phase. The ESTechnical controller runs the fan at a low speed to provide the needed airflow to even out the internal temperature of the oven.

The ESTechnical reflow oven controller is designed with electrical safety and repeatable reflow soldering performance as top priorities. Simple reflow profile settings make it easy to adjust profiles to suit your PCBs.

Board Temperature

The Controller Upgrade regulates the temperature of the board ensuring it stays within tightly controlled tolerance throughout the reflow cycle. Using advanced PID control of the temperature of the air inside the oven, the Controller Upgrade provides greater control of the reflow soldering process. High quality results are immediately possible when compared to the original control as fitted by the manufacturer.

Reflow Cycle

The controller upgrade makes the outside of oven cooler in operation compared to original control as heat output is used more effectively.

Based on research of ideal reflow profile control, it uses a variety of advanced control methods to achieve consistent results with varying board weights and population densities.


The interface for the Controller Upgrade has a number of key features including:

  • 20 character four line display with backlight - replaces the previous screen;
  • Makes use of the existing keypad on the T962 oven;
  • Intuitive menu;
  • Simple parametric setup - no need to 'teach' a profile;
  • Edit the temperature set points and dwell times;
  • Easy to edit and save reflow profiles;
  • Up to 30 reflow profiles possible;
  • Pre-programmed with a profile ideal for lead-free soldering.

Package Includes

Fitting the Controller Upgrade is simple and requires only a little modification to the wiring inside the T962 oven.

The ESTechnical T962 Reflow Oven Controller Upgrade includes:

The Controller Upgrade board is fully assembled and tested and is covered by a six month Warranty. In the event of a fault we will repair or replace your equipment at our discretion. In some situations we may choose to refund the full purchase price of an item. This warranty does not cover intentional or accidental abuse or neglect. There is no express or implied warranty beyond what is stated. After the six months we will still repair/replace any controller that is returned at any time, no questions asked, for a small fee - we think that's a fair policy since the controller requires fitting by the user and sometimes mistakes happen.

Manufactured in the UK.